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Optimize WordPress Speed: Web Speed refers to the amount of time it takes to load or open a web site. Below are some tips on how to check the loading speed of your pages and easily find opportunities you can take advantage of to quickly improve the loading time for your pages.

Go to Google Developers tool called Page Speed Insights to assess the level of loading of your pages. And it could not be easier to use. Only copy and paste into this box the URL you want to check, and press the “Analyze” button.

So when you do so, Google will look at your page’s code to find out how fast it’s going to be loading.

The first is a fast server response. Now, that is typically a hosting issue. So if you’re running a website on Bluehost or Host Gate or iPage or the other $4 or $5 a month hosts, you may want to consider bumping that up to something like Storm on Demand or Media Temple or WP Engine, that’s a little bit more expensive because I think that drops that much. The response time is significantly, much faster.

No redirects. All that means is if you have a lot of redirects on your pages, such as redirecting links or redirecting images, that’s not normally a major problem for most pages. And raising the resource at [blocking].

If you want asynchronous tools, that simply means you want your page code layout to load more at the top than at the edge, okay, and that’s just better for user experience.

As far as the reducing payload is concerned, that is just the size of your website. Like if you have a growing, heavy, poorly coded website, that’s going to be a major problem.

You may want to check your site on the web, Yeah, because more and more people are using the smartphone, and loading speed on the web page is a Google ranking factor. So just run the test again on your homepage or on your internal tab.

And here, its default to the web, and just press “Desktop.” And what this does is it gives you insights unique to your computer.

So obviously, quite a bit different for mobile browsers, and that happens to have the same ratings. And you’ll find a lot of the ideas they’ve got here are similar or the same. But if you don’t, like, have a mobile-friendly app, this page speed score is often significantly lower.

So its definitely something worth checking out, particularly if you get a considerable number of mobile users.

How to make Site Performance better?

Tips to greatly improve the pace of your WordPress pages-Downloading and triggering a plugin called WPSupercache is the first thing I would do. This will actually help to increase your site speed.

So you need to click on this red link to the plug admin page to really trigger it. And as you’ll see, the caching is off by chance. Click on the caching tab, then press the status update. Make sure the plugin is designed to the max.

Add WPSmushit plugin, too. This plugin makes the photos, the size of the file, considerably smaller on your web. It makes the size of the picture smaller without lowering quality.

If enabled, be under your plugins tab, and under “Internet,” hover over it and select “Bulk Smushit,” and select “Run all photos via WPSmushit right now” when you’ve done that.

It takes all of your uploaded photos to your WordPress installation and smashes them by 38%.

Install the WPOptimize plugin here. This plugin takes some of the bulk from your WordPress account and essentially deletes it. Just install it like you would any other app. Now to “WPOptimize Settings” you need to scroll to the edge, so click on that and you can see that they have some choices for optimization.

Then, install a plugin called lazyload, and essentially, what LazyLoad does is that generally speaking, let’s say you’ve got a page with a big content, a lot of photos and a lot of text on it.

It has lots of reviews, it’s just an immense, big, big website. And when you load a tab, generally.

It loads all the way down here from up here at once, which is not good. What lazy loading does is it loads the individual scrolling in order.

So, it will load this and then it will load this as the person scrolls, and it will load this as the person scrolls. And this is a perfect way to increase the realistic load speed so that the person doesn’t need to see all the stuff at the bottom if they never scroll down there, so it only loads it one by one as they scroll down, which can make the load speed drastically different for a user.

This is a little trick you can do, click on “Settings” in your WordPress dashboard, then “Talk” and scroll down to the bottom.

And here’s where they’ve got the default avatar, except obviously for users with a Gravatar account who want their picture to appear, but people without Gravatar automatically have a mystery guy.

But if you save this to null, and then press “Save Changes,” that can make a huge difference, because then all those comments where the mystery man was, all those images, that picture is gone and I can make a big difference And nobody even cares, because not everybody wants to see the face of the mystery guy.

And this can make a relatively big difference in loading speed on your pages.

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