How to Detect Malware in WordPress Themes

How to Scan and Detect Malware in WordPress Themes: WordPress has an ecosystem and incredible culture. After all, 30 percent of the total websites on the internet are using it. This overwhelming success brings positive as well as negative stuff in. The hackers are also on the lookout for website WordPress infect.

Developers, on the other hand, are still trying to fend off their operations, but all the time it is not possible.

From the viewpoint of a webmaster, it is difficult to get the malware compromised with themes that are professionally paid for. They are designed with care, and the company takes special caution when selling their goods to the public as a brand name is associated with the product.

That doesn’t mean therefore that there are no other ways to get infected with your theme.

Reasons why your theme is infected with a virus For the following reasons your theme may be infected with malware.

You downloaded the theme from an unverified source: Hackers can create a download proxy, and they can trick you download an infected theme.

Free themes: Compared to paid themes free themes lack quality control.

Plugins: Plugins can also serve as a backdoor to infect the themes with malware.

They can install malware code and get it compromised using various methods of hacking.

Bundled methods: Bundled software comes with several themes. Even if the theme is free from any malware, it can corrupt the bundled apps.

Hosting infection: Finally, your theme can get infected due to an infection with malware in your hosting. So please go through the feedback on the web to figure out the best hosting solution for your requirements.

What hackers does the Malware infection try to do?

A hacker will try to do lots of things by injecting malware. Let’s list a couple below.

  • Tracking of users
  • Adding backlinks
  • Accessing confidential details like email address and password
  • Integrate the ads on the website.
  • Let the website down for a shorter time span.

How to figure out how malware infects your theme?

So, how do you know your website gets malware infected? Many signs allude to it. The signs you can look at are as follows: Frequent crashes: so much your web site crashes.

Google warning message: Google knows your website is tainted with the virus and alerts you of it.
Google can even prevent your website from searching (in part or in full).

White Death Screen: daily white scanning is often a sign of a website infected with malware.

How to Detect Malware in WordPress Themes?

Now that we’ve completely understood the different complexities of malware penetration, it’s time to learn how to search your website and detect malware. We’ll also discuss methods to delete your WordPress theme from the malware.

Precautionary measures The safest way to guard your website against malware is to understand the theme’s source. We recommend doing a Google search to ensure you access it from the right source.

You will get a clue from where you are installing your theme by doing a Google search. If you get a wrong impression or read a negative rating, it is best to exit the website and search for an alternate source to access. Also, users who have detected infection with malware earlier will likely leave their review on site to alert others about it.

Now that you’ve downloaded the theme it’s time to test for malware infections on the site.

Scanning theme before installation Before installing it on your website, you should always scan your theme. If you’re not sure about the technicalities of a WordPress theme, hiring a developer to build your blog for you is a smart idea.

You can also use tools to do scan yourself. Let’s list them below.


The first resource we suggest to use is The tool searches for any kind of infection like viruses and malware on the theme zip file. It is an excellent device, and in a couple of minutes, you can inspect your theme. After the scan is complete, you’ll receive a full report check that can be used to free your theme from malware.

2.Theme Authenticity Checker(TAC)

Theme authenticity checker(TAC) is a free-to-use plugin that lets you search for any unauthorized or potentially malicious code on your theme. When you think your theme is corrupted the plugin is helpful. If you use it for a fresh subject, we suggest installing the plugin in the localhost and then checking the subject before uploading it to the main server. is a malware scanning tool that checks corrupted code, unwanted scripts and much more across the entire website. It does a detailed examination and will let you know if anything is odd about it.

4.Exploit Scanner

Exploit Scanner helps you to scan your WordPress websites, and check if something unusual is happening. This also scans the database and looks at other things like the plugin list. The plugin will, therefore, send you false alarms that you should be aware of. You can take advice from their assistance to make sure you don’t get a technical glitch.

5. Ask Sucuri

Sucuri provides a free online malware scanner that can also be useful for WordPress theme malware detection.

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