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Advanced SEO Technique: Advance SEO Hidden Directions What is Analysis with Keywords? Keywords are words or phrases that people type into Google to find things like companies, answers to questions, books, photos, videos and much more.

Several keyword analysis resources are :

  • SmRush
  • Long Tail Pro
  • UberSuggest
  • Business Samura
  • Bing Analysis Keywords Process and Tips
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Planner

The best way to locate keywords for your website is to use the Google Keyword Planner tool and type the keyword through Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Using Übersuggest to easily discover new keywords that aren’t available in the Google Keyword Planner.

It brings your keyword work to the next level with lots of SEO, PPC and the next web marketing strategy keyword ideas.

https:/ Keyword Planner

  • Go to Google AdWords
  • Sign in with your Google Account or Build one and its Free,
  • When in your Account go to Tools and click Keyword Planner
  • Click on: Check for new Keyword and Advertising Group Ideas or Landing Page
  • Put in your Keyword and click on Get Ideas,
  • Google Keyword Planner will send you ad group ideas.

Results include, the keyword (by relevance), average monthly quest, competition, suggested bid, and you can sort them using any of the categories-it will show you more results by clicking on a link.

  • You can use the keyword search, keyword choices, include/exclude words, modify the language, negative keyword and several more on the right sidebar
  • Finally, use Google Trends. So, just search for Google Trends, and this is the first answer, obviously.
  • You put your target keyword in, press the magnifying glass button, and it will show you the patterns over the last, almost 10 years of that keyword in this case.
  • As you can see, interest has risen and it has fallen all over the place.

Were we not even used to see the number of keywords. Were going to use this to gather ideas. All we want to do is scroll downwards. Its default to top under these related terms, and this only means the most common words that are somewhat related to it. Often, here you can find some pretty cool keywords, like WordPress.

Clearly, it’s not a keyword that we’d be targeting, but maybe anything like WordPress SEO might be laterally linked and wouldn’t appear in a method. You want to press the button to go up. It shows you keywords growing in search frequency, like Joomla SEO.Joomla is a CMS that is a WordPress substitute.

This is an article you may want to create an article around or use it as a keyword for seeds.

It is another great way to find keywords that don’t appear with the other methods, and you do get some trend details to see that maybe the search volume doesn’t seem to be very high in the Keyword Planner, but since it’s a keyword breakout according to Google’s one you may want to try to be a little ahead of the curve and ahead of your contest.

Research on keywords really is relevant. This sounds time consuming and it’s sort of like that, but finding those keywords that don’t appear in this tool is really critical. Since those are the keywords everyone is watching.

When you can find any keywords you don’t even know about your rivals, you can steal a lot of their traffic because they don’t even know how to go for the keyword.


Do a Google search on your website’s main keywords, and see the links on the first page. Find a website on the first page of the results, take the website URL, go to the google keyword planner tool and paste it into the URL.

On the Google AdWords keyword planner’s landing page, get ideas, this gives you a list of keywords for which the websites are listed and other useful analytical details, you can use it to boost your website or business’ SEO.

You can use the Show Planner (this is for YouTube ads and smartphone advertising), which lets you get the keywords in more detail. You can place keywords and landing pages as well as get ideas for ad party.

You ll get feedback on ad groups, keywords, demographics, subjects, placements, individual targeting ideas, gender information, and other apps-Raventools ( are free to sign up.

You can insert your URL, Domain, Keyword or Phrase there. It will take MAJESTIC SEO, MOZ, Google AdWords and other stuff, then it will analyze it. The findings would be plenty of details about the keyword that you’re searching for.

On the right side, you can go to Keyword and it will show you all the keywords you’ve searched for on those websites and the complete mozRank, Ext Root Domains, Ext Sites, Citation Flow, Ext Backlinks and others. Save everything to a spreadsheet.

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