10 Amazing Android Apps You NEED to Try

10 Amazing Android Apps: So if you’ve ever inadvertently left your phone on a table with others around perhaps at a family gathering or with some friends.

Who Touched My Phone

There’s no way of knowing whether or not they tried to use your phone in your absence well using who touched my phone as long as.

You have a secure lockscreen set up this app will snap a picture using the selfie camany time an unsuccessful unlock attempt is registered and just like that we are back with a new set of 10 Android applications that are sure to blow yoursocks off let’s get right in.

Volume Styles

Volume Styles is an app that lets you customize the look of your phone’s volume slider Yap has loads of different themes and looks that are available to use for free some of which emulate the volume sliders found on iOS 1u y mi UI plus heaps more.

But you can then take that a stage further by dialing in additional customizations to make it look and feel exactly.

Brightness Manager

How you want it to even more than that the app even lets you customize which sliders are visible and you can even add in additional slider including a brightness slider which is an incredible brightness manager is an app.

That allows you to automatically set your phone’s brightness level depending on the app that is open so that means if you want your phone’s brightness to always increase to 100%.

Whenever you have your camera app open for example then switch back to auto-brightness for your home screen or for any other app that you use while using brightness manager will make it ridiculously easy to achieve this.


icebox is an application that can hide literally any app from your launcher of choice including stockl aunchers that don’t normally allow you to hide applications when you freeze an app in a so called ice box.

It will essentially completely disappear from your device and this is particularly helpful for any of those pre-installed apps that you never use if they are you can then really quickly launch these hidden apps again from within the icebox application .

Which kind of acts as a hidden folder of sorts but as soon as you lock your phone against they’ll then be ready hidden keep in mind that if your phone is not rooted then the setup process can be quite lengthy but it’s certainly an application that will help clean up those otherwise messy app drops

Filmic Firstlight

Filmic Firstlight light is an app by the same developers of the highly regarded filmic pro application but instead of videofirst light focuses instead on photography.

Now for the basic version you get access to a heap of useful features including grid overlays various aspect ratios HD control film emulation plus a bunch more but then if you upgrade to the premium version of the app then your phone is essentially transformed into a pro-level camera.

You get access to additional film simulation overlays adjustable vignette anamorphic adapter support plus tapes more and it’s a seriously impressive app that will only get better with time now whilst on the topic of using apps to improve the photos and videos we take using our phones if you want to take film making with your smartphone to another level.


Diffuse this application takes the album artwork of asong you might currently be playing blurs it to Kingdom Come and the displacement as a real-time fluid-like visualization that will transform your home screen.

The experiences there are a couple of tweaks that you can make within the app and if you upgrade to the premium version you can actually enable live beat syncing which means the background will move in time with your music.


Drinkwater reminder needs very little explanation but as for those of us whostruggle to remember to drink our suggested daily water intake it starts by asking you a few questions.

Such as your gender and your weight and this allows it to automatically calculate what your daily water intake should you can then track whenever you drink water within the app and if you’re not meeting your daily goals then the app will send you a gentle reminder to have a drink.

Super Status Bar

The super status bar is for those of us who love to customize our phones and offers some seriously impressive functionality so as the name suggests this app not only lets you change up the look of your status bar with a huge range of custom theming options and presets available .

To choose from but also how it functions you can set up a range of custom gestures including dragging along the status bar to change your phone’s brightness or volume level single and double-tapping it to turn the screen off Auto expand the quick settings menu for example plus you can even set up what is called ticker text .

Which will briefly show you a simple text preview along your status bar whenever a notification arrives on your phone.

filter box

The filter box is a notification manager that offers a range of useful features that help you to take control of the notifications you receive on your phone.

basically all provide you with a complete timeline of received notifications making it super easy to go back and find a notification you perhaps accidentally dismissed you can even recover up to 20 of your most recent notifications to the system notification bar.

you can also create custom rules to dismiss or mute notifications automatically and it’seven one of the few apps that natively supports face authentication which will please all of your pixels for owners out there.

Unit Measure

the unit measure is your one-stop app for whenever you need to convert any form of measurement it has over a hundred different measurement types and sixteen categories to choose from and even though this app is minuscule in file size.

Everything takes place locally and offline meaning you don’t need to have access to the Internet for it to work it’s nicely-designed easy to use and it makes quickly converting between a huge range of measurements and absolute breeze.


COVIDSafe has been developed by the Australian government so this may not be useful for people outside of Australia but covert safe is an app that makes playing our part in flattening the curve of the covert 19 viruses.

Super easy the idea is that we try and get as many people as possible to download and install the application because theApple then used Bluetooth to detect any other devices with the app installed and then make a note and keep a record of anyone you’ve come in contact with.

So then let’s say someone is actually diagnosed with coke at 19 and reported within the app and then gives their consent that information can then be used by health officials to quickly notify anyone who may have been exposed to the virus once you’ve installed it just sits in the background you don have to do anything else but it has the potential to do a lot of good and keeping the community safe from COVID19.

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